Thursday, 7 June 2012

- Talley's Cardiovascular examination.

Talley's Cardiovascular examination.

The video include:
  • General inspection (for dysnea,cynosis, marfan or down sundrome ..etc)
  • Hand examination (for clubbing ,radial pulse ,peripheral cynosis ,radio-femoral delay,signs of infective endocarditis)
  • Blood pressure estimation.
  • Face examination (eye, mouth).
  • Neck examination (carotid pulse, central and jugular venous pressure).
  • Pericordium examination (scars ,deformity,apex characters,abnormal pulsations).
  • Auscultation and dynamic auscultation.
  • Back examination (scars ,sacral edema,pleural effusion).
  • Abdominal examination (of liver,spleen,ascites,femoral artery).
  • Leg examination (for peripheral pulse, trophic changes,calf tenderness, odema).

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