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- Types of ST segment depression in ECG.

Types of ST segment depression in ECG.

  •  ST segment take 2-3 small squares from "J" point where "S" wave ends..
  • "J" point is small square after "R" wave when "s" wave not found.
  •  ST depression is significant if it is more than small square below the isoelectric line.
*There are three types of ST depression:
A)- "upsloping" ST depression is not considered an ischemic abnormality but it can be a normal variant or artifacts, such as:
  1.  poor skin contact of the electrode [1]
  2.  Physiologic J-junctional depression with sinus tachycardia [1]
  3.  Hyperventilation [1]
B- "Downsloping" ST  depression: (Digoxin effect).
C- "Horizontal" ST  depression: Ischemic Heart disease

Dr Ibrahim Samaha

(1)  ST Segment Abnormalities Frank G. Yanowitz, MD. University of Utah School of Medicine

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